Monkey Monkey Monkey is a random flash about monkeys, burgers, and the moon. It is done in the style of some other cartoon I found on the net. Also the audio is by me because I am better than every other musician out there. Do you understand me? Nevermind. Just watch it.


Edward Hamilton is an egg who likes to go around and do all sorts of strange things. You just have to watch it.


Unknown is a frame by frame animation about random things happening and I just made it because I was bored.

Mr. Hunchback is a flash I made about this retarded guy on a skateboard. I made it in less than 5 minutes.

Ted and Giant Jed is a flash about Giant Jed squishing Ted while some idiot sings in the background.

Ted laughs at Barney is about Barney falling off a cliff and drowning. He also hits lost of rocks and dies. Ted's Math Class is about Ted trying to teach math, but all he says is lettuce + spoons = jello potatoes.
Ted vs Joey is a Super Mario Bros like flash where Ted overcomes many obstacles to defeat Joey and save Ped. Ted and the people is just a drawn out version of a song where people act out the lyrics and stuff.
Ted and the janitor is about a janitor getting killed in various ways. The audio is what my school janitor used to say. Ted and the tank was my first flash that I ever made. I was about 10 years old. A tank shoots someone plus random music.